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Author: Melissa Leisure

The Students will join and sign-up for Remind101.

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READ ON! is a great site to practice your math skills.  I will be requiring you to do certain sections with in IXL; but you are always welcome to go to IXL and practice on your own.

Today in class you should have recieved your Username and Password for  I still have your reports from last year if your teacher used IXL in your class. So go log-in!

Tonight you are to go to Algebra I and do some practice in the following three (3) sections: A.1 Classify numbers; A.2 Compare and order rational numbers; A.3 Absolute value and opposites.  You should practice until you get 5 correct in each section.

To get to Algebra I, click on Math in the Menu Bar at the top.  Then scroll down till you see Algebra I Skills.  Click on Algebra I Skills and the above 3 sections should be at the top on the left side.  Click A.1 and get started!  Remember you must do 5 correct in each section before stopping. has received a new name:
Remind is a site that I can use to send you a text to remind you of HW, Quizzes, Tests, etc.
To sign-up you should have receive a phone number to send a text message too.  Parents can sign up also.


Block A Geometry
 # to TEXT    978-451-4459
TEXT MESSAGE   @aleisure


Block B Essentials Math 10
 # to TEXT    978-451-4459 
TEXT MESSAGE   @a12345


Block D Geometry
 # to TEXT    978-451-4459 
TEXT MESSAGE   @dleisure


Block E Applied Geometry
# to TEXT    978-451-4459 
TEXT MESSAGE   @appgeo123


Block F Geometry
 # to TEXT    978-451-4459 
TEXT MESSAGE   @fleisure


​You will not be able to text me back!  This site does not send out advertisements and does not give out your information.