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Japanese Particle wa and ga

Japanese Particle wa and ga

Author: Elena Yoo

Understand the major difference between the particle は(wa) and が which is one of the hardest concepts to overcome in the beginner level of Japanese language.

Explain the usage of wa and ga via PowerPoint presentation with sample sentences.

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Particle は and が

It is often confusing to use proper particle when starting a sentence in Japanese.  Please watch the video below and understand one way to distinguish the difference between は and が.

One more function of が that you need to be aware of is "however," and "but" function.  When が is placed at the end of the first predicate, it adds "although," "though," "however," or "but" meaning.  For example:

わたしは アメリカじん ですが、にほんに すんでいます。Although I'm an American, I live in Japan.

えいごの せんせいは きびしいですが、クラスは たのしいです。Although English teacher is strict, her/his class is fun.


は or が ? THAT is the question!

Simplified explanation (means there are many, many other ways of は and が)of knowing the difference between the particles は and が for beginner level in Japanese language.

Particle practice

For additional particle practice, go to the link below and fill in the blanks with different particles.  By Texas A&M.