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Java-J2EE Online Training

Java-J2EE Online Training

Author: John Nash

#Java is a powerful object-oriented programming language which can create applications and applets with graphics. Java has a inbuilt platform for itself. J2EE is known as Java Enterprise Edition, it is used to develop application Server side applications. J2ee is a platform for multi-tiered distributed applications. There are different components to develop in #J2EE in different machines tier in the multi-tiered distributed application.

Course Outline
•    Introduction to Java-J2EE
•    #OOPS
•    String Manipulations
•    Packages
•    Exception Handling
•    Multithreading
•    I/O Streams
•    Wrapper Classes
•    Collection Frame Work
•    Tools & Utils
•    Database Programming Using The JDBC API
•    Servlets
•    JSP
•    Design Patterns
•    STRUTS Framework
•    Hibernate Framework
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