Jazz Band Basics

Jazz Band Basics

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"So What" Miles Davis

Miles Davis is one of the most famous trumpet players and jazz musicians.
This recording of "So What" features Miles Davis on Trumpet, and John Coltrane on Tenor Saxophone.

This genre of jazz is referred to as "Cool Jazz". Cool Jazz is characterized by an "introverted" sound. Solos are longer and will have solos with more melodic and lyrical content.

"Giant Steps" John Coltrane

"Giant Steps" by John Coltrane is a style of be-bop. Be bop is characterized by very extensive solos with a lot of fast passages.

John Contrane is a Tenor Saxophonist

"Nuttville" Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich is considered to be the opposite of Basie, with a very tight and controlled tempo. Everything the band does (including the composed dissonances) is controlled and with great intent.

Buddy Rich sits at the drum set, he will interject with more statements and fills than Basie ever will.

"Blues in Hoss Flat" Count Basie

Listen to this recording.
Count Basie is famous for having a very "laid back" style of swing.
Basie plays the piano. The simplicity in his solos and fills is something to be admired.


4.1 Compare and contrast how a composer’s intentions result in a work of music and how that music is used.