JHT 2 Strategic Management Task 1-3

JHT 2 Strategic Management Task 1-3

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Strategic Management Task 1-3 JHT2


1.     Describing Final Cumulative Balanced Scorecard, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet of K Company

2.     Describing K Company’s Generic Competitive Strategy

3.     Evaluating the analyst’s ability to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of the competitors during the simulation process.

4.     Discussion of how sustainable the most dominant competitive advantage achieved by any company within the industry.

5.     Comparison of the selected strategy of the company to the three tests of a winning strategy.

6.     Evaluation of the effectiveness of the company’s team in applying the value chain analysis during the simulation.

7.     Discussion on evaluation of the effectiveness in addressing three important issues in order to achieve the competitive advantage and improve the financial success of the simulation company


1.     Analysis of the success of the company in strengthening or compensating for resource weaknesses at a key point during the first year of the simulation.

2.     Analysis of the actions to develop the resources’ strength at a key point during the last four years of the simulation.

3.     Evaluation of the company’s approach in managing an organizational culture that supports strategic plan execution.

4.     Evaluation of the promotion of creativity and innovation during the simulation.

5.     Analysis of the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard used in the simulation process in affecting the individual performance.


In order to develop a strategic plan and a business report for our co

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