Jingle Bells - Top Line - Half Time

Jingle Bells - Top Line - Half Time

Author: Daniel Simpson

After practice, the student will be able to play Jingle Bells on the recorder, all the way through, with music at half the speed of full tempo.

The Green Belt Song, "Jingle Bells" is played with a metronome in the background. There are 4 counts of intro and then the recorder comes in at the same tempo of the 4 counts of intro. Match that tempo throughout playing "Jingle Bells." 

If the student is unable to play this through twice in a row without mistakes, consider breaking down the song into smaller chunks in practice and put it together when they are ready.

Do your best, take your time and don't give up.

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"Jingle Bells" - Green Belt Song

Green Belt Song - "Jingle Bells" - Half Time

Source: Daniel Simpson