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Job analysis (Chapter 4) is the systematic method used to collect and summarize the job-related information about what work gets done and how it gets done. Job analysis defines the similarities and differences between jobs. Job evaluation (Chapter 5) determines the relative value of jobs.
Reference: Newman, Jerry; Milkovich, George; Gerhart, Barry (2013). Compensation, 11th edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education -A. Kindle Edition.
Some people characterize job analysis and job evaluation as out of date and not compatible with a rapidly changing business environment. Looking back over time, job analysis and job evaluation have evolved. There are many different formats and methods used. One popular job evaluation method is the point factor method. In this assignment, we will evaluate the use of the point factor method.Downloadand read the detailed guide to case analysis.  
Consider the content of your current or former job, or a job that you are knowledgeable about. Use your job description, or retrieve the appropriate information from O*Net, to provide a starting point.Next, think about the job and its purpose within the organization. Define the essential job content – the reason the job exists.Select the compensable factors that you would use to complete a job evaluation using the point method. Four or five compensable factors are enough for this exercise.Assign a relative weight to each factor. Explain your reasoning for choosing each compensable factor and the associated weight.Finally, do you think this process has value? Can it function well in a rapidly changing business environment?Submit your responses to each question in a Word document, 2-3 pages in length excluding the title page or reference page , double spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font. Be sure to place it in the appropriate dropbox. The responses should use APA style formatting.

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