Job application process - Start here

Job application process - Start here

Author: Janet Colledge


During this preparation and the lesson that follows you will:-

  • —To know the purpose of an application form.
  • —To be able to explain the importance of a good application form
  • —To know what skills and qualities are.
  • —Know the 6 main rules for completing application forms

In this lesson we will learn the basics of making your application, be it to college, uni or for a job.

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Getting your job application right

A short video about how to approach the job application process.

Source: CareersBox, National Careers Week

Job Application Process

PowerPoint with no narration

Job Application Process - Start Here

Video of Powerpoint with narration

Application Process Start Here Worksheet

Classroom Worksheet

Full Screen

Application Process - Start Here

First in a series of flipped lessons designed to prepare KS4 & 5 pupils for the application process

Application form

A basic application form that can be printed off and completed by pupils.

If you would like a fillable word document file of this form, please tweet me at @careersdefender

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