Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch

Author: Jason Heiser
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Introduction to Psychology

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Case simulation

Exercise on how to conduct a case. Done in groups of two.

Source: Jason Heiser

Supreme Court and how courts work (intro)

Finished exercise on Supreme Court and the group work from yesterday. Also, introduction to how court s work which will be completed tomorrow in class.

Source: Jason Heiser

Intro to courts PPT

Presentation shown in class.

Full Screen

Source: Jason Heiser

Intro to courts class discussion

This discussion accompanies the Intro to courts PPT

Source: Jason Heiser

Unalienable Rights

Intro to civil liberties, civil rights and looked at judicial responsibility when making a decision

Source: Jason Heiser

Supreme Court

Very short intro on the Supreme Court. Additional info will be in the next broadcast.

Source: Jason Heiser