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Author: Hayden Thomas
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Julia is an average sixteen year old girl. Her family is very religious, so much so her dad is a Pastor of their local church. Her mom is a very successful doctor. So as you can imagine they have very high expectations for Julia. They expect her to succeed just like they have so they’re very strict. Julia wants to just be a musician but her parents say no, she must have a ‘real’ job.

Tommy is Julia’s boyfriend. Her parents obviously have no idea about. Tommy’s family isn’t like Julia’s his dad is in prison and his mother works over night at a chicken plant. Often times Julia lies to her parents saying she is staying with her friend Kelsey, when actually Julia stays the night with Tommy. Every other time she’s stay the night with Tommy they had not had sex. Every night except for July 16, 2013 when she finally said yes to him. Like every other girl Julia was very disappointed with her first time. It was nothing like she had expected, it wasn’t romantic. It hurt and she felt horrible about herself afterward. When she started to cry Tommy replied, “Stop crying and get out, I can’t believe you did that. You are so gross!” 

When Julia returned to school the following Monday she had noticed several people stopping in the hall to stare at her, and would snicker and whisper when she walked past them. Her friend Kelsey wouldn’t even look at her, something was defiantly wrong. When school let out she saw Tommy talking to Kelsey. They saw her and Tommy kissed Kelsey on the cheek and walked off. Julia ran up to Kelsey and demanded she tell her what was going on. “He told me all about you,” replied Kelsey. “I don’t know what you are talking about “exasperated Julia.  With a look of anger and disgust Kelsey told her what Tommy had told her. “You seduced him into having sex with you, and then laughed at him when he felt vulnerable about having sex for the first time. He told you he loved you and then you just laugh and walk out. What kind of person does that? Plus he said he could tell you were not a virgin like you said you were.” Julia felt like she had been punched in the chest, was this what everyone was whispering about today? That is not what happened at all. Why was Tommy doing all of this? The questions were rolling around in her head, crashing down like enormous waves.

They say that it doesn’t take long for teens to forget about your drama and move on to the next big story. This is not the case with Julia. Her big story had just begun.  Julia had begun to feel completely alone. No one wanted to be friends with her. Everyone called her names to her face and behind her back. To Julia it didn’t make sense that everyone looked down on her for having sex, everyone was doing it right? This was apparently very untrue.  Or at least no one fesses up to it.

Soon Julia began getting sick all the time. She was nauseous at the smell of cooking meat. She was gaining weight very rapidly. She was very sore and her back began hurting all the time. She decided to see a doctor. During her doctor’s appointment Julia was informed that she was pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but she had also contract Chlamydia. Now this wouldn’t hurt the baby but she’d have to have a Caesarean to keep the baby from retracting the infection.  This was news to Julia she had only had sex that one time. It was not possible to get pregnant your first time. The doctor then explained that it was completely possible and happens more times than not.  Her doctor further explained that even if she were on birth control she would still have gotten the infection for not using a condom, which is still not 100% effective. Julia’s doctor told her she was lucky however at least Chlamydia can be treated whereas HIV and AIDs cannot.

When Julia got home that night she and her mother had a long conversation. This isn’t what her parents wanted and they are very disappointed. However being a doctor herself, her mother knew that teens who have sex early are less likely to use contraception. The good news is Julia does have some options. Adoption and abortion were among these options. Her mother wanted her to get an abortion but Julia wasn’t so sure this was the best option for her.  What if she could find a nice family for the baby? “Julia only two present of children actually get adopted in the United States. Just get the abortion and no will have to know there are nearly 3,733 abortions a day just in the U.S it’s not that big of a deal” said her mother.

Julia left in a hurry, the room was spinning, or maybe that was just her head.  She couldn’t decide what to do right now. She had to tell Tommy about the baby. He had to know, he had Chlamydia. When she dialed his number it rand twice and he answered. “Julia take a hint I don’t want you anymore. You’re nasty and should probably get yourself checked out. Turns out I had Chlamydia from Roxanne.” She could breathe she didn’t want to tell him over the phone. To just blurt it out and have it hanging in the air but she couldn’t help it. “I’m pregnant!” She cried out with a sob. “Tommy? Tommy are you there, I’m pregnant.” But Tommy wasn’t there and he never would be, he hung up the phone and never answered her calls again.
What was she going to do now? She could text Kelsey maybe she would understand, maybe she would listen to her side of the story after all, they were friends right? Julia texted Kelsey:
•    Julia: Hey, Kelsey can we talk please?
•    Kelsey: Fine what do you want?
•    Julia: Tommy got me pregnant, and gave me Chlamydia!
•    Kelsey: Whatever Julia, gah you are such a liar! What’s wrong with you!!!
•    Julia: It true! I went to the doctor today. Why are you being like this?
•    Kelsey: Look just because you want Tommy back doesn’t mean you get to pretend to be pregnant and tell his new girlfriend he has some nasty disease. Just go away and leave us alone. WE DON’T WANT YOU AROUND!!!


Julia threw her phone and held her head in her hands, she needed to think. Her mom wanted her to get an abortion, both Kelsey and Tommy hated her and wanted her gone what can she do? She looked across the room and saw the scissors that Kelsey had left here when she cut Julia’s hair. She looked to the bathroom in her room the lock had been fixed but no one had a key but her. She grabbed the scissors, and the key. She locked herself in the bathroom and wrote this note in her blood while drifting away in peace.

I’m so sorry for everything, Mom look now no one has to know it will be our little secret. Tommy we both know what happened and I hope you are happy. Kelsey there I am no longer around. Dad please ask god to forgive me....