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Julius Caesar animated tales, part 1

Julius Caesar animated tales, part 1

Author: kara porter
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Bellwork #1

A person might form an impression of someone based on knowledge they have gained of that person through their own experiences.  However, sometimes we form impressions and opinions based on other things.  


1.  Discuss one time you formed an impression of a person that turned out to be correct. (do not mention

     any names) --> as always keep it school appropriate


2.  Discuss one time you formed an impression of a person that turned out to be WRONG.  (do not mention

     any names)  --> as always keep it school appropriate

Bellwork #2

1.  In the beginning of the story, we learn about characters and the setting. What is this part of the PLOT


2.  What do we learn about Caesar's character from his behavior in the following situations?

a. Caesar's reaction to the soothsayer's warning   --------------this shows Caesar is ____

b. Caesar's distrust of Cassius                               ---------this shows Caesar is ____

c. Caesar's reaction to be offered the crown          ---------this shows Caesar is ____

3.  What is the Ides of March?

4.  Why does Brutus have an INTERNAL CONFLICT in the beginning of the play?

     a. he is Caesar's friend, but does not want to live under a king.

     b. he wants to be king himself

5.  Why doe the conspirators want Brutus to be part of their group?

    a.  the people of Rome fear Brutus and will not challenge Caesar's murder is he is part of it

    b.  people respect Brutus and will be more likely to accept Caesar's death if he is part of it

What does this have to do with Julius Caesar?

Act I JC, short intro

Shakespeare Animated Tales, JC, part 1 - questions to answer

Answer quiestions WHILE WATCHING the video of part 1.

Julius Caesar Animated Tales, part 1


Quick Review ?s

Big Question:  Can your conscience mislead you?


Review:  Plot     -     Characters     -     Setting

Tricks to reading Shakespeare

watch movie clips and pay attention to body language and tone of voice

learn the characters


Workbook Assignment - Act I Scene 2

1.  Ask me for a copy of the Holt Adapted Reader workbook (green). 

2.  Complete pages 111 - 129:  Read and answer all questions in the workbook.  Underline and circle

      words as the directions instruct you to.

3.  Turn in workbook when done.

4.  Ask me for Act I TEST



Holt Adapted Reader - workbook