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Justice and Deliberation: Analysis of Batman

Justice and Deliberation: Analysis of Batman

Author: Tara Neely
  • Students will synthesize the literature from the Unit: The Crucible, "Ligeia," "Because I could not Stop for Death," "The Raven," "Mending Wall," and Batman Begins with the ideas of Good/Evil and Dark/Light in mind. Our focus will look specifically at using the literature to define what Justice is and how it is defined. 
  • Students will write an essay that defines and supports their specific synthesis of the literature. 
  • It will be a process writing experience with multiple drafts and research. 
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Batman Begins: A closer look at modern American Gothic

  1. As we begin to watch the film, Batman Begin, in class I ask that you pay close attention to the art of film creation. Film is more than just a series of images presented for entertainment. Film is a visual art that with words creates a message (if done and processed correctly) that can be as powerful as the written word. 
  2. Knowing your characters in film is just as important as knowing and understanding a novel's characters. So be certain to study the character sheet. There are pictures to help you to make the connections and be aware that a quiz may occur at any time to review your knowledge and depth of character understanding.
  3. There will be a set of questions, quotes, and a graphic organizer that you will be expected to complete in preparation for the final Quest of the unit. Keep current with your notes. I am willing to pause the film for need only make the suggestion if a idea strikes you. 

Source: created by Tara Neely

Batman Begins Character Slide Show

Characters and pictures of the most important characters. Be sure to add additional information to the each character's profiles (notes) as we view the film.

Source: created by Tara Neely:Images from google images search

Batman Begins Viewing and Study Guide

A place to take notes, make connections, and record your thoughts on the film and the literature we are studying.
Students are asked to complete the guide as we watch the film. The expectation is that you will be making connections as well in your free time. The guide will be due the day after the film is finished in class.


Source: Created by Tara Neely

Batman Begins Interview

Interview: Please view and create a discussion question for the info you have gained.

If you are trying to watch this at school, please go to the Justice and Deliberation folder on The video is there via a link that will allow you to view it at school.

Source: SOURCE:

Hero's Journey 3 Stages/17 Steps

A very detailed account of the 3 stages and 17 steps that one must undergo in order to create a hero.

The information can be applied to most hero journeys and it was compiled by Mr. Joseph Campbell from a life time of research of ancient mythology of man.


Hero Graphic Organizer

As you view the hero's journey slide show please take notes on the graphic organizer. You may need to use some of the data learned in your final review.


Batman Screen Play

Screen Play of Batman Begins