Justinian and Theodora

Justinian and Theodora

Author: Joshua Work

SS.HMW.10.03    Describe the importance of the reign of Justinian I and the lasting impact of the new code of laws organized during his reign.  SSL VSC HAW 1.B.2.a

This unit will place emphasis on the rise of the Eastern Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, Justinian I, and the conflict between the East and West.

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Theodora's Speech

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Directions: Use either the original or modified text on the front to discuss the S.O.A.P.S. activity on Empress Theodora Speaks.

  1. Who is the Speaker?
  2. What is the Occasion?
  3. Who is the Audience?
  4. What is the Purpose?
  5. What is the Significance? 


1: Why did Justinian want to run away?




2: Why didn’t Theodora want to flee?