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Kantian Deontology

Kantian Deontology

Author: Megan Welle

Identify the characteristics and descriptors of Kantian deontology

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Notes on "Kantian Deontology"


(00:00 - 00:25) Introduction

(00:26 – 01:12) What is Deontology?

(01:13 – 01:55) Deontology and Kant

(01:56 – 02:54) The Method: Pure Reason

(02:55 – 04:09) Deriving a Moral Law

(04:10 – 05:12) Summary

  • Deontology

    A family of ethical theories that maintains that the value of the action is determined by something intrinsic to the act itself

  • Kantian Deontology

    A form of Deontology that places absolute moral value in the agent's intent

  • Categorical Imperative

    A concept in Kantian Deontology that fulfills the role of a moral law that is binding on all people in all circumstances.