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Keep a human–computer interface (HCI) journal with...

Keep a human–computer interface (HCI) journal with...

Author: michael ritchey

Keep a human–computer interface (HCI) journal with your weekly observations of HCI issues that pertain to you, your work, your family, and your friends. Be sure to document your journal in chronological order.

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Some examples of items you might wish to document could include any type of computer system that you directly or indirectly interact with, such as the following:
Self-serve checkouts
Automated soap dispensers
Your journal should meet the following requirements:
Title page
Four or more journal entries that include the following:Date
Title of entry
Description and thoughts on the interaction

A summary of 2–3 pages that discusses the following:Your overall experiences
Items you think could be improved
Things you would like to see more automated
How the systems could be improved

At least 3 references in an APA-formatted reference page. These references should be cited in your summary, and your book may be used as one of your references.

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