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Key Aspects of a Strong Communicator

Key Aspects of a Strong Communicator

Author: Essential Skills

Identify the aspects of a strong communicator.

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There are many components that make a good communicator. Remember that practicing excellent communication is essential for many reasons. Effective communicators:

  • Listen actively to others and offer their full attention to ensure they understand what they hear. This prevents misinformation and misunderstanding.
  • Are able to deliver information just as well as they receive it.
  • Can give public speeches and presentations that inform or persuade their audiences.
  • Write clearly and concisely, composing messages that convey both substance and intent, whether in email, essay, text, or any form.
  • Are able to use and interpret body language, including facial expressions, appropriately and accurately to ensure a message is understood.

Learning strong communication occurs by doing. You can hone your communication skill by participating in projects in your school, community, or job that involve collaborating with others to develop ideas, produce results, and accomplish common goals.

think about it
Think of someone you know or a public figure who is a strong communicator. What characteristics and behaviors make this person so effective in their communications?