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Keying Practice

Keying Practice

Author: Fred Prasuhn

Provide beginning typists alternatives for

  • keying practice,
  • keying speed, and 
  • keying accuracy.

Adult students learning to touch-key documents and other text often struggle mastering the skill. Providing students with alternatives to lesson exercises assists learners by reducing the stress level often associated with timed lesson activities. Game-based alternatives provide tools needed.

Many students enrolling use laptop computers, tablets, and other personal devices. This material is provided for those who have access to the internet and use a device that connects to a QWERTY keyboard.

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Why Is Keyboarding Important

Watch the attached video. Consider the information presented about why mastering proper keying is beneficial for you.

Why Keyboarding?

Six Secret Keyboarding Techniques

Keyboarding basics

Keyboarding Technique with Narration

Keyboarding Techniques (laptop)

Keyboarding Technique

Fun and Keying

Following are simple and fun keyboarding games.

  • QWERTY Use the [Qwerty] link on page.
  • ABCYa Created by teachers for kids. Go play and have fun!