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Khan Academy – An Intro for Educators
Khan Academy – An Intro for Educators

Khan Academy – An Intro for Educators

Author: Attiyya Mujahid

This learning packet will introduce innovative educators to Khan Academy by exploring the following topics:

  • The Pioneer
  • The Mission
  • The Library
  • Testimonials

Khan Academy has a mission to change the world by making education available to everyone at any time.  This revolutionary concept has led to the creation of over 2,700 online videos which allow students to control the pace of their own learning process.  One of the greatest benefits of Khan Academy is that all materials and resources are available to students completely free of charge.

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The Pioneer - Salman Khan

As the son of immigrant parents, Salman Khan's mission is to provide the world with free, high quality educational material.  Khan Academy was born out of an opportunity to tutor his cousin with her sixth grade math. His cousin lived over 500 miles away so he conveniently posted tutorials on YouTube.  After a short time, Salman quickly noticed that these videos were getting hundreds of views and the viewers began singing Salman praises of how helpful his videos were.

The Mission

Salman Khan talks about how and why he created Khan Academy. He asks teachers to consider changing the traditional classroom by allowing students to watch video lectures at home and complete "homework" in the classroom.

The Library

With over 86,000,000 lessons delivered and a library of over 27,000 videos, Khan Academy is revolutionizing online education.

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Lack of financial resources and inaccessibility to cutting edge technology make getting quality math and science education difficult for many students. In some rural locations, finding skilled instructors to teach subjects like basic arithmetic, advanced mathematics and science is nonexistent. Khan Academy's free educational services allow learners to benefit from quality instruction no matter where they are. Take a look at what learners are saying about Khan Academy.


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