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Kickball Lesson

Kickball Lesson

Author: Marcus Montes Guerra

The standards which this lesson focus' on are the following:

2nd Grade Manipulative Skills
1.7 Roll a ball for distance, using proper form.
1.8 Throw a ball for distance, using proper form.
1.9 Catch a gently thrown ball above the waist, reducing the impact force.
1.10 Catch a gently thrown ball below the waist, reducing the impact force.
1.11 Kick a slowly rolling ball.

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Look over the following resources, make sure to study and after our first game as a class, take the quiz. You got this! 

The Basics of Kickball

Starting Play

The visiting team kicks first while the home team starts out in the field. The fielders line up in one of 9 positions. The first kicker steps up to the plate to kick.

These are the 9 positions

Pitcher – on the pitching rubber
– behind home plate
1st Baseman
– a few feet away from 1st base
2nd Baseman
– a few feet away from 2nd base toward 1st
3rd Baseman
– a few feet away from 3rd base
– between 2nd and 3rd base
– outfield behind 2nd and 3rd base
– outfield behind 2nd base
– outfield behind 1st and 2nd base

(There may be more people on the outfield)


The ball must roll on the ground when crossing over the plate.

The pitcher has to stay behind the pitching rubber until the ball is kicked. Failure to do this results in a "ball."

The strike zone is 1 foot inside and outside of home plate.


The ball must be kicked with the foot or leg.

All kicks must be made behind home plate. It's okay to step on home plate while kicking.

No bunting is allowed (contacting the ball without fully extending the leg). A bunt is called an out.


If a kicker gets 3 strikes, she is out.

A strike is:

a pitch inside the strike zone that isn't kicked.
an attempted kick that's missed. It doesn't matter whether it was inside or outside the strike zone.
a foul ball.


A kicker gets a free trip to first base after 3 balls.

A ball is called when:
a pitch is outside the strike zone, and the kicker doesn't try to kick it.
a pitch bounces across home plate.
any fielder, including the pitcher, advances toward home plate before the ball is kicked.

How to Play Kickball Tutorial Video

Watch this video before the following class so that you have an understanding of the game we will be playing the next class during P.E.

Real Kickball Game!

To get an idea, review this video. You do not have to watch the entire video. Simply, look through it so you can see how kickball is played!

As one can see kickball is not just for kids but also for adults! How fun!