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Kid President Pep Talk

Kid President Pep Talk

Author: tracy mollock
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We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to share with your friend who needs a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement.


After watching this video please take a minute to think about someone who needs some encouragement, some doing a great job, someone doing a difficult job or assignment.  Once you have thought of that person, send a text message  to 404-500-6325.  

Please leave your name/grade and the name and grade of the person receiving your encouraging words.  You can choose to be anonymous or have the recipient of your encouraging words know who you are.  Just let me know in your text.

If you do not have texting capabilities you can email your encouraging words

If you do not have email capability you can write your text down on to a piece of paper and leave it in my mailbox. 

You could also text your words of encouragement to 


Please leave your name, grade and answer:  I will pass your message on to the recipient it you can chose to remain anonymous  or sign your name.

Be on the lookout…your word/words will appear soon at Warwick Neck School!