Kidney Disorders and Health

Kidney Disorders and Health


This lesson will identify the causes and affects of various kidney disorders.

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  • Kidney Stones

    Deposits of acids and salts that accumulate in the kidneys and can obstruct the flow of urine; kidney stones are very painful to void.

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

    Infections that enter the urethra and can climb as high as the kidneys, UTIs cause inflammation of the urinary bladder or kidneys.

  • Nephritis

    Inflammation of the kidneys caused by infections or autoimmune disorders.

  • Kidney Cancer

    Cancer that occurs in the kidneys, is more prevalent in males than in females.

  • Dialysis

    The process of artificially filtering a person’s blood by pumping it out of their body and into a machine; dialysis is a necessary procedure for a person whose kidneys are failing or completely gone (failed).