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Know Your Audience: Communicating Your Accomplishments Effectively

Know Your Audience: Communicating Your Accomplishments Effectively

Author: Essential Skills

Teach students to communicate your accomplishments effectively

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Watch this video to understand how to identify relevant accomplishments. When talking about yourself professionally, it is important to consider the setting and your audience.


This activity will help you determine what the employer is looking for (what they want to hear) and how it relates to what you have to offer professionally.

1. Spend 15-20 minutes researching typical responsibilities and qualifications for the type of job that you are interested in. To do that, find 3-5 job postings for that role using sites such as and

2. Read the responsibilities and qualifications in the job postings you selected.

--Responsibilities (or duties) typically describe what will be expected of the employee in the position.
--Qualifications usually specify the experience, skills, and education requirements that a hiring manager is looking for.

3. Identify 5-10 responsibilities and qualifications that appear on more than one of these job postings and record those in the Job Analysis Chart in this week's Touchstone.

4. When researching jobs, you will choose the Job Analysis Chart that best fits the position to which you are applying.


Job Title: Team Lead
Key Responsibility/Qualification: what the employer is looking for Actively identifies risk and resolves issues so that impact to production timeline, cost, and quality are mitigated and/or minimized.
Aligned Accomplishment Story Story #1: Improved order fulfillment