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Author: Patti McCurdy

To encourage my students to read electronically on various devices in addition to paperback and hardcover books.

Two years ago, my classes jumped into the ebook frenzy and started reading on Kobo Classic Readers.  Both secondary 1 and 2 Enriched English levels have enjoyed this experience.  There have been mixed reviews at times and generally, the students have been up for the challenge.  The assignments we do are richer and more developed when using this technology, much in part to the enthusiasm for trying something new.

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How to install Kobobooks applications

This video tutorial will help you with installing your Kobobooks application on to your chosen device.

Kobobooks in the Classroom

Electronic books in a language classroom. A French presentation given to language teachers in 2012.

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Electronic Books in a Language Classroom - Livres electroniques en cours de langue

How to use ebooks in a language class. Presentation in French.

Comment utiliser les livres électroniques en cours de langue?


Kobobooks Student Reviews

October 25, 2012