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KV63: A Mystery in the Valley of the Kings

KV63: A Mystery in the Valley of the Kings

Author: Therese Filhiol

To create an interest in the discovery in 2006 of tomb KV63, the first such find in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt since 1922

In 2005, Otto Schaden and his archeological team uncovered a shaft in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt that they suspected led to an undiscovered burial tomb. After some preliminary digging, the find was officially declared KV63, the first tomb discovery in that area since 1922. The team found and preserved seven coffins, burial furniture, and a host of items used in burial preparation. The initial indication of a tomb in that location came by the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) of Nicholas Reeves in 2000.This tutorial provides images of the items found in the tomb and some information on who may be buried there. 

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KV63 Mysteries

The coffins and artifacts found in KV63 by Otto Schaden and his team have created more mysteries as they have solved. Watch this video for a look at the wonders found in the burial preparation chamber. More information on this topic can be found at www.kv-63,com.