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La casa en Mango Street

La casa en Mango Street

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Los generos literarios

Student will understands story elements (e.g., main plot and sub-plots; appearance, roles, and significance of characters; theme, setting) in authentic, ability-appropriate written literature (e.g., short stories, poems) with all of this translated into Spanish



Student Guide: La Casa en Mango Street

A. Biography of Sandra Cisneros
B. Synopsis of the Play
C. Read and Respond


Source: Study Guide by Rosa González ••

Los hispanos en los estados unidos

History of Hispanics in the United States with emphasis on present day.

La casa en Mango Street Adaptado del ppt. de CWalker

The Spanish version of the power point of CWalker on The House on Mango Street.

Source: ppt.CWalker

The House on Mango Street Select Scene 3-3

My name is Esperanza

The House on Mango Street Select Scene 1-3

Bike scene

The House on Mango Street Select Scene 2-3