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La Civilización Maya

La Civilización Maya

Author: Tania Castillo

Standards World Languages

 1.0 Students use appropriate responses to rehearsed cultural situations.

 1.1 Associate products, practices, and perspectives with the target culture.

Objective: the students will explore one of the major Mexican civilizations, the Mayas.

Fair use: portions of these materials have been incorporated under the Fair Use Guidelines and are restricted from further use.

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1. Click on the multiple links to learn more about the Mayan Civilization in Mesoamerica.

2. After you have read and listened to the information, take the test located on the right.

3. Once you are ready and had analysed the links, go ahead and answer the "Essential Question" located at the end of the page. Suerte;)

Los Mayas

Watch the following video. Take some notes as you read.

Click on the map and read the article. Take some notes as you read. 

Go through the slides to find more information on the Mayas and their everyday life.

Essential Question

After you have watched and read the information, click on the image and answer the question.