La Misma Luna Episodes 1-4

La Misma Luna Episodes 1-4

Author: julie sgroi

Students will be able to:

Explain an important scene from a movie using the target language (Spanish)

Generate a ShowMe video using the target language (Spanish)

Draw out the described scene on the iPad

Research articles on immigration

Create a propaganda poster using ShowMe, EduCreations, or Fotobabble surrounding immigration

Review vocabulary from episodes 


After viewing several clips from the movie La Misma Luna, students will use the ShowMe app to highlight an important scene from those clips.  They will use animation and add their voices to describe their scene in the target language.  Students will also research articles on immigration, particularly drivers' licenses and immigration, and create a propaganda poster either for or against immigration using Fotobabble, ShowMe, or EduCreations.  

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Quizlet Game for Episodes 1-4 of La Misma Luna

Propaganda Poster Project with Rubric

Please use ShowMe, EduCreations, or Fotobabble to create your propaganda poster

Full Screen

Websites for Research on Propaganda Poster Project

Mira los siguientes sitios de web.  Lee a lo menos 2 de estos artículos.  Mándame un email o pon un ensayo, incluyendo tus OPINIONES sobre las leyes y lo que piensas de este tema.  Pon atención especial a la ley sobre los permisos de conducir en California, porque la película menciona eso.  Yo quiero saber tus opiniones.  Es importante tener una voz y una opinión!  Piensa en la película, Carlitos, y su mamá. 



driver’s license law



National Immigration Law Center - California Laws



California Immigration Law website



LA Times article



Very recent article about women vs. men in immigration



Article about the senators dealing with immigration



Fox News article about immigration and Republicans



Editorial style article about the California immigration laws


La Misma Luna clip #1

Source: uploaded by Jose Jimenez on YouTube

La Misma Luna clip #2

Source: uploaded by Jose Jimenez on YouTube

La Misma Luna clip #3

Source: uploaded by Jose Jimenez on YouTube

La Misma Luna clip #4

Source: uploaded by Jose Jimenez on YouTube

La Misma Luna clip #8

Source: uploaded by Jose Jimenez on YouTube