La ropa

La ropa

Author: Cinthia Johnson
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1. Present vocabulary.

2. Write your vocabulary for clothing as well as meanings.

3. Listen to the videos as many times you need.

4. Memorize vocabulary.

5. Practice at home.

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Tomar notas (take notes)

Tomar notas (take notes)


Take notes!


1. You need to take notes of all the vocabulary and their meanings as well as any  culture taught in the videos.

2. You can stop and rewind anything you need to as many times as you need to. Isn't that great?

3. Also make sure to write down any questions you might have during the videos.

4. Make sure you read the lesson objective and learning targets so you know what I expect from you.

4. Your goal is NOT trying to understand every single word spoken or written in the videos, so don't get frustrated.

Source: other people and myself

La ropa vocab quizlet

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la ropa

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La ropa vocab quiz

games with profe. 

1. google translator

2. drawing

3. el matamosca

​4. take your quiz in quizlet


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Necesitar- to need

Necesitar- to need

Yo necesito - I need

Tú necesitas- You need

Él/ella necesita- He/she needs

Nosotros(as) necesitamos- We need

Ellos(as) necesitan- They need

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Los colores worksheet

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La ropa + colors

In Spanish we say the clothes first and then colors. We also pay attention to gender and number of the clothes. For example in English you say :

I need the RED SHIRT and this sentence in Spanish you will say 

Yo necesito LA CAMISA ROJA

Your job is to write 10 sentences in Spanish telling me what clothe you need and the color. After you are done, you need to record or look for profe to read them .

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Llevar- to wear

Llevar- to wear

Yo llevo- I wear

Tú llevas- You wear

Él lleva- he wears

Ella lleva- She wears

Nosotros(as) llevamos- We wear

Ellos(as) llevan- They wear

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Game ¿Quién lleva?

You need to look around the classmates and tell me who is wearing the following:


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Writing project

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Role play el mercado y la ropa

Need to work in groups of 3-5


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El mercado y la ropa presentation

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