Lab 1: Trio Builds

Lab 1: Trio Builds

Author: Dan Lordran

To outline the 1st "assignment" for this "class"....

This is an assignment to create a trio build in the NG of DS2.

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Part 1:

In part 1 you must think of a fun, yet operable build for DS2 NG. Do you have one? Good!

Source: Marshal "Friendless" Jahnke

Jolly Co-operation!

This is what we will be doing.

Source: Mitchel "Two L's" Wilson

Part 2:

In part 2 you must create a tutorial in which you illustrate your new character in fine details, and post it to the new trio playlist I have created. See Gerald in NG+ for an example character.

Source: Linus "Nu-Rebbit-4-U" Andrewsssssss