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Lab report hypothesis

Lab report hypothesis

Author: Erica Szwalek

I will reinforce the scientific method by creating a hypothesis for Hot Liquids Lab. I will review the proper steps to creating a lab report, and review the procedures for the upcoming lab in Share pair format. 

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Hot Liquids hypothesis

Make your best "educated guess" based on the problem you want to solve.

Hot Liquids Lab

Name: ___________________________________    Date: _______________________
Period: ___________________________________    Partner(s): ___________________

Hot Liquids

State the problem (ask a question):
Which type of material: ceramic, paper or Styrofoam, would hot water hold the longest?

Form a hypothesis (If- then statement):

Perform an experiment to test the hypothesis:
1.    Put the three types of containers side by side (Ceramic Mug, Paper Cup & Styrofoam).
2.    Heat up some water and pour equal amounts of the hot water into each of the 
3.    Measure and record the temperature in each container at the very beginning to verify they are all the same.
4.    Record the temperature again 2 minutes later and repeat this procedure until ten minutes has passed.
5.    Write-down the measured temperatures for each kind of container at the two minute interval. 

Record your results: 

  Temp     2 min      4 min       6 min       8 min      10 min
Ceramic Mug                        
Paper Cup                        
Styrofoam Cup                        

Analyze the results:


State your conclusion (Remember to refer back to your hypothesis): 


Repeat the work/ communicate your results:

What is the variable in the experiment? ______________________________________
What is the control? _________________________________________________

Source: file

Test your partner...

After reviewing the proper sections/headings to a lab report, quiz your partner and see if they know where all the headings belong on a lab report. Try doing it without looking back on the Hot Liquids Lab sheet. Then, take the 5 question quiz on the side bar of Sophia. Good Luck


Directions: Using the word bank below, place the proper headings where they would belong on a lab report.

Conclusion    Problem    Observation    Period    Procedures
Date    Name    Partner(s)    Hypothesis    Materials

1.____________________                                              3.____________________
2.____________________                                              4. ____________________



9. ______________________________

10. _____________________________

11. ______________________________