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Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Author: Dana Damm

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce students to the basic concepts and ideas behind lab safety.  During class, it is important for us to work together, study hard and try our best to understand the material.  It is even MORE IMPORTANT that we be responsible for our safety and the safety of others. 

Lab Safety and responsibility is rooted in common sense and respect.  You need to have respect for yourself, others, the teacher, equipment and materials being used.  You need to have a foundation of common sense coupled with lab safety training before entering lab for experiments. 

After completing this tutorial, students should be prepared to enter lab.

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Applicable Cheesy Lab Safety Rap

Here is a cheesy and entertaining youtube video showing lab safety tips. While I admit it is cheesy, it carries an important lesson for you to comprehend.


Classroom and Lab Safety Rules

This is the list of safety rules and requirements for lab. This is not a "Be all / End all " list. I hope that you will see the list outlines a lot of common sense and traditional classroom expectations. These normal expectations are amplified in lab because of the safety concerns we may encounter.

Notice the blank spaces at the bottom, these blank rules are here to remind you that more guidelines may come about over time.


Source: Dana A. Damm - original

Safety Poster Project

This exercise will help us outline the rules and expectations explained in our safety contract. Remember, you are not allowed into lab until you have read, agreed to and signed the safety contract.


Source: Dana A. Damm - original