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Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Author: Edna Thompson

Students learn to explore facts while working safely in the lab.

Teacher reminds students of the three stations they will rotate through over the course of the day.  During the course study, students to increase their understanding Lab Safety.  Teacher facilitates instruction by monitoring classroom activities and making sure students understand how to complete their group activity.

Station 1 – Lab Safety – Group Discussion, students share their answers from the video notes and discuss why it is important to be safe in the science lab. Students should create a table or other graphic organizer to organize their thoughts.

Station 2 – Safety Observations, students review an animated picture of students in the lab and identify safety rules being followed or broken; the sheet may be colored for extra points and for addition to the display wall.

Station 3 Safety Rules Writing, students create a list of at least ten safety rules their group agrees should be followed in the Science classroom and explain why they have chosen the rules they wrote.

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Lab Safety Simplified from Learn360

How to work safely in the science lab.

Source: Learn360

Lab Safety - Video Notes

Key points made in the "Lab Safety Simplified" video.


Source: Created by Edna Thompson

Lesson Plan - Lab Safety Flipped


Source: Template Provided by Guilford County Schools

Lab Safety - Coloring Sheet


Lab Safety Flipped - PowerPoint

Source: Created by Edna Thompson