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Lab Safety

Lab Safety


After completing the lab safety unit, the student will be able to:

  • List 3 types of personal protective equipment commonly used in the lab and when to use them
  • Successfully follow student lab rules every time they are in the lab
  • Locate safety equipment in the lab.

This lesson is used to facilitate authentic learning of the science lab safety rules.

  1. Watch science safety rap.
  2. Watch science safety prezi.
  3. The teacher will set up lab as an accident scene and have volunteers available to act out described scene.
  4. TSW take knowlege gained to create a prezi, brochure, or video to instruct others about lab safety.
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Lab Safety Rap to be used as student hook.

Source: mslowley1. 2010, March 13. Science Lab Safety Rules [video file]. Retrieved from

Lab Safety 411 Prezi

This Prezi informs the learner about lab rules and personal lab safety gear.

Source: Hamlin, Ginger. (2010). Lab Safety 411. Retrieved from

Accident in the Lab PBL Event

Outline of PBL used to teach lab safety to students.


Source: Brandy Lillagore, August 2013

Accident in the Lab PBL Facilitator Questions

Questions to be used to prompt learner thinking in Accident in the Lab PBL.


Source: Brandy Lillagore, August 2013