Lady Apache Basketball - Defense

Lady Apache Basketball - Defense

Author: Rendi Ward
  • Learning the basic concepts to playing defense in the game of basketball.
  • Learning the proper way to move and stay in front of the opposition as he/she has the ball.

Intro: 0-5 min. - while allowing a free stretch, I will take the time to explain the drills that will be taking place during this time as well as the importance they have to the development of a solid defensive threat in the game of basketball.


Defensive Stance: 6-10 min. – During this segment of my lesson on the basic defensive concepts I will explain the proper way to defend the opposition when he/she has the ball. This will include instruction on proper stance, the correct way to use hands, and what you can/can’t do.


Drill: Defensive Slides in the Key-:11-15 min. – 2 participants will stand in the key in a defensive stance and wait for my instruction to begin. When I say to begin, the participants will begin to slide their feet laterally to each side. When they get to one line they will slide to the next one doing the same thing. Each group of participants will perform this movement for 10 seconds. Each group should go 2 to 3 times in this drill.

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Defense 101

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