Lady Apache Basketball - Dribbling

Lady Apache Basketball - Dribbling

Author: Rendi Ward

Increase dribbling skills

  • Using only one hand
  • Learning to use weak hand
  • Learn to dribble without looking at the basketball



1. Upon entering the gym, each student obtains a basketball and begins to dribble around the perimeter of the gym.

2. On the signal, students place ball at their feet.

3. Review dribbling techniques, i.e. ball low, eyes up, finger tip control

4. Have students line up at one end of the gym and follow the teacher’s lead.

5. Teacher leads students forward, backward, right , and left. This will encourage students to keep their eyes up and not to watch the ball.

6. Have students go to their squads with their balls for stretches and strengthening exercises.

a. Using the ball, teacher leads the class in various stretches.

b. Have the students lay on their backs, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Rest the ball on tummy, raise shoulders, and reach with the ball to just past the knees. Repeat 10 times.

c. Have students get in push up position with the ball placed under their chest. Lower until chest touches the ball. Repeat 10 times.

d. Repeat b&c; for a second set.

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Dribbling 101

How to correctly dribble a basketball

Source: YouTube.com