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Lady Apache Basketball - Layups

Lady Apache Basketball - Layups

Author: Rendi Ward

By the end of this lesson the student will

  • Shoot a lay-up using right-hand while using correct form
  • Shoot a lay-up using left-hand while using correct form
  • Demonstrate the correct way to execute advanced lay-up techniques.

Kentucky full court lay-up drill

Students will proceed from the locker room to form 2 groups (1 group under each goal).  I will quickly divide them up to make sure they are close to even groups.
Directions: Each group has two balls.  On the whistle the first person in line takes off to the other end to shoot a lay-up.  When the first person reaches half court, the second one takes off.  After the lay-up the person goes to the end of the line in the group under the goal he just shot from.  The goal is to make a certain number of lay-ups in 2 minutes as a group.  I may start with 70 lay-ups as a goal and move up the next day when that goal is met, trying to improve on our speed and lay-ups making abilities each day.


Fitness Development (10 minutes) 


“When I say go I want you to form groups of 5”
Each group will be given a number and proceed to the designated station upon my command 
Directions: 9 stations will be set up around the gym.  Each station will have a task and the necessary equipment. On the whistle, the students will begin the activity. Students will have 1 minute to do activity. On the next whistle, the students will stop, put equipment back, and proceed to the station to their left

Stations: 1) jump rope; 2) push-ups; 3) jumping jacks; 4) arm circles; 5) lunges; 6) exercise bike; 7) sprints; 

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Lay-ups 101