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Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Author: Shannon Jacobs

12.5 Students summarize landmark U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the
Constitution and its amendments.
    3. Evaluate the effects of the Court’s interpretations of the Constitution in Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland, and United                  States v. Nixon, with emphasis on the arguments espoused by each side in these cases.

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Marbury v. Madison

Watch the attached video to learn about the cause and impact of this case.

McCullough v. Maryland

Read the information about the case and learn about it's impact.

United States v. Nixon

Watch the video, taking note of what the decision means regarding executive privilege.


Aside from answering the quiz questions, you must also answer two reflection questions in paragraph form and submit via google forms.