Landmarks on the Human Body

Landmarks on the Human Body

Author: Jim Pappas

Students will be able to IDENTIFY areas on the human form by referring to their LANDMARK name.

Landmarks on the body are areas where the bone is at the surface. The landmarks are used to find forms and to measure proportion. With the help of our new 3D skeleton friend, in this episode Stan will help us learn all the important landmarks of the body.

Be sure to print this week's handout for our upcoming drawing test!

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Landmarks of the Human Body

Be sure to print this handout as you follow through the video tutorial. Most of the information is on the video, however when working with your Pose Packet you'll want quick and easy access. Keep this in your binder as a study guide for our final.

Unlike past handouts, this informational sheet has 4 parts:
Centerline of the Front
Centerline of the Back
Lateral landmarks of the Front
Lateral landmarks of the Back

You WILL NEED to be familiar with all of the areas when referred to in our drawing test.

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