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Language Is a Movement

Language Is a Movement

Author: Christopher McKelvey

There is no particular person or society without language. All human exercise is accompanied by speech. Our language does all the features – from the first communication, that’s, provides communication to the sacred features, i.e. something of a sacred language creates real magic. It has been much informed about language specifically, and about our native language. But additionally it’s much ignored. Certainly, I will not object widespread truths about melody at language, lexical riches and etc. But if to be frankly, I grow to be very irritated when in dialog persons are limited “Nightingale” and “splendidly.” It is necessary to think that our language is suitable for continuous poetry, national songs and folklore texts, for descriptions of lifetime of peasantry with all epithets. Isn`t it?

I want to say that the language is first a movement. Movement and development. Language does not stop, and goes step-by-step of the event of civilization and the progress of civilization. I want to say that Russian language is wealthy not only in its melody, however is a full-fledged language of science, policy and law. It’s pleasant to know that in our language seem words of a designation of all newest technical achievements. Updating language is life of language. So, how I mentioned earlier, language is a movement. And many who object to the looks within the language of so-called slang. If I am not mistaken, someone from the west publicists stated that slang is an approach of language, the tongue rolls up his sleeves, spits on his palms and goes to work. What’s the exact metaphor! So slang of youth, skilled slang is critical for us. Language turns into poor not only when there are little of synonyms, however even when it’s not can display all the existing social and political realities. That is why we change into glad once we observing the emergence and use of new phrases, including slang.

After all, not everything is rosy. Typically the renewing of language is just not the fitting way. Rather than “garbage” of words from which we rid of, some words borrowed from the Polish or English, or every other foreign language you can find on the our online tutors service There’s updating not only in informal dialog, but additionally in grammar – we already conjugate “coat”, such as.

Speech isn’t an easy language of national songs, it is creature, pulsating dynamic system, inclined and in a place for renewal. We are able to enjoy with our native language, transfer with it. And keep watch over our own speech, depriving it of errors, enriching, avoiding unnecessary borrowing and following up stylistic savings. Then the dynamics of the language shall be a movement towards a gorgeous and effective communication, which supplies advantages and satisfaction in all areas of our lives. Because language is a movement. And moreover: language is life!

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