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Language Programs

Language Programs

Author: Amanda Warner
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Online Language Programs

There are a number of online language learning tools on the market today that are beneficial to students. They all offer online tools for language instruction, but some come with a high cost. Some of the programs available are Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Transparent Language.

Rosetta Stone

Easily the most recognizable name on the program list is Rosetta Stone. This instructional software is available in many language, and the program is divided into bundled lessons. The lessons have students read, listen, and even write in the new language. The cost of this program is staggering, however. A complete lesson can cost upwards of $600.

Transparent Language

Websites like transparent language are on the rise, as well. A variety of services are available from this company. Language learning software can be purchased, or a month-to-month subscription can be purchased for a lesser price. The website also offers live instruction or instruction in a hybrid setting. Like similar programs, mobile apps can also be used for instruction.


One of the better free alternatives to this instruction is Duolingo. Created by the inventors of captcha technology, Duolingo serves multiple functions. Students can learn a variety of languages while simultaneously helping to translate Internet resources through captcha. Support forums are available for students, as well as resources that can be translated and graded. The instruction is also available in a mobile and tablet app.

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