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Las Leyendas

Las Leyendas

Author: Miriam Espinosa

Los alumnos aprenden sobre las leyendas y crean su propia leyenda. 



1.0 Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints, and further their knowledge of other disciplines.

Students use
2.0 created language (sentences and strings of sentences).

2.1 Engage in oral, written, or signed (ASL) conversations.

2.2 Interpret written, spoken, or signed (ASL) language

2.3 Present to an audience of listeners, readers, or ASL viewers

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What is a legend?

Go to the following website ( and read the first paragraph under the title <<Que es una leyenda>>  You will be learning about the different meanings of the word legend.  Make sure to pay attention to the meaning of the word and the different uses of it.


Once your are done reading the first paragraph under <<Que es una leyenda>> read:

1. Mito y leyenda.  Make sure you notice the difference between this two words.  It can be a little tricky since these words are often used interrelated.

2. Looks at the next three titles: <<Leyenda urbana>>, <<Leyenda infantil>>, and <<Leyenda de terror>>.  You are not required to read this section, but it is going to be beneficial to you when you create your own legend.

You will be exposed to different legends in different parts of Latin America. For this part of the lesson, I want you to watch the YouTube video that can be found below.  If the video does not play click the following link (, it is going to take you to YouTube.

Once you are in YouTube:

  • Watch the whole video, you may pause and play the video as many times as you wish
  • Make sure to pay attention because you will be answering questions at the end

Leyenda Azteca del Popocatépetl e Iztaccíhuatl

Create Your Own

Now that you know what is a legend and have seen an example of one.  You will be asked to create your own legend on a separate document.  You can write about one that you heard your parents or relatives tell you or use your imagination to create your own legend.  The purpose of this activity is for you to have fun and be as creative as you can!