Latin: Essential Vocabulary: Nouns (1st and 2nd Declensions)

Latin: Essential Vocabulary: Nouns (1st and 2nd Declensions)

Author: Sarah Landis
  • to learn the dictionary entries and meanings of the most common Latin nouns in the first two declensions

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Terms List

  • causa, causae (f.): cause, reason, case
  • gloria, gloriae (f.): glory
  • terra, terrae (f.): earth, land
  • amicus, amici (m.): friend
  • animus, animi (m.): soul, spirit, breath; pl.: courage
  • annus, anni (m.): year
  • arma, armorum (n.pl.): weapons
  • bellum, belli (n.): war
  • deus, dei (m.): god
  • filius, filii (m.): son
  • imperium, imperii (n.): power, empire
  • ingenium, ingenii (n.): nature, character
  • iudicium, iudicii (n.): judgment
  • locus, loci (m.): location, place
  • modus, modi (m.): measure, manner, method
  • natus, nati (m.): son
  • populus, populi (m.): populace, population
  • principium, principii (n.): beginning
  • regnum, regni (n.): reign, kingdom
  • vir, viri (m.): man

Source: Sarah Landis

Quizlet Deck on ALL EV Nouns

At this link you'll find a quizlet deck with the meanings of all EV nouns, across all declensions. (Note that this deck covers nominatives and meanings only, but you also need to know genitives and genders.)

Source: Sarah Landis (user MagistraLandis @ Quizlet.com)