Latin: Essential Vocabulary: Verbs (Irregular)

Latin: Essential Vocabulary: Verbs (Irregular)

Author: Sarah Landis
  • to learn the meanings and principal parts of the ten most common irregular verbs in Latin
  • do
  • eo
  • fero
  • fio
  • inquam
  • malo
  • nolo
  • possum
  • sum
  • volo
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Terms List

  • do, dare, dedi, datus: to give
  • eo, ire, i(v)i, iturus: to go
  • fero, ferre, tuli, latus: to bring / bear / carry
  • fio, fieri, factus: to become
  • inquam, inquis, inquit, inquiunt: to say [NB: These aren't principal parts. These are the only forms of this verb that exist, namely "I say," "you say, "(s)he says," and "they say."]
  • malo, malle, malui, ---: to prefer, want more
  • nolo, nolle, nolui, ---: to not want, to be unwilling
  • possum, posse, potui, ---: to be able
  • sum, esse, fui, futurus: to be
  • volo, velle, volui, ---: to want, wish, be willing

Two Notes:

1. do is only barely irregular; for the most part it's a well-behaved 1st conjugation verb (except it's odd principal parts)

2. none of the other irregulars belong to any one conjugation, but they tend to behave mostly like 3rds

Source: Sarah Landis

Quizlet Deck on ALL EV Verbs

This deck covers ALL EV verbs: not just irregulars, but all four conjugations too. Link here. Note also that these cards cover meanings only. You need to know meanings and principal parts.

Source: Sarah Landis (user MagistraLandis @ Quizlet.com)