Lattice Multiplication

Lattice Multiplication

Author: Adam Philipp

To solve multiple digit multiplication problems in another way besides the traditional algorithm. 

When multiplying with the traditional algorithm, many students struggle with the various steps. They are required to multiply, add, and "carry" numbers in order to solve the problem. This can become confusing for students, especially those who still struggle with their multiplication facts. It may take a student a great deal of effort just to solve a multiplication fact. When the do, they may have difficulty remembering what step they need to do next. 

In addition to this, students should be exposed to various methods of solving large multiplication problems. Another method is called Lattice. The Lattice method is done by creating grids where a student can complete all the multiplying first and then add the numbers at the end to find the correct answer. 

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Here is a demonstration on how to use Lattice Multiplication to solve a multiple digit multiplication problems.