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Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth


TEK 6.3B, 6.3C and 6.10A - Students will analyze the limitations and advantages of models while building a model to illustrate the structural layers of Earth including the inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, asthenosphere, and lithosphere.  

The first part of this tutorial includes a flipped video lesson.  Students will watch the video lesson and complete activities from the WSQ (wisk) handout.  WSQ stands for Watch, Summary, Question.  Students watch the video, summarize what they have learned and submit a question to be answered by their peers or the teacher.  Students will then construct their own model of the layers of the Earth.  Complete the unit with a QR Code Hunt to check for understanding.

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Layers of the Earth Video Lesson

This is a video lesson on the layers of the Earth.

Source: created by Michelle Phillips using Smart Notebook

Layers of the Earth WSQ

This handout is used with the Layers of the Earth Video Lesson. Students complete these activities as they watch the video. They then submit a summary of the content and a question.


Source: Michelle Phillips

Model Rubric

Students will use this rubric to create a model of the layers of the Earth.


Source: Michelle Phillips

Layers of the Earth QR Code Hunt

Put your students into groups or have them work alone. They need a piece of paper numbered 1-10 or can record and submit their answers to you online. Print the QR Codes and place around the room. Students will need an internet enabled device with a QR Reader. Each QR Code asks them a question about the layers of the Earth.


Source: created using