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Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth

Author: Dina Wood

CSS: 6th Grade Plate Tectonics & Earth’s Structure: 1b: Students know Earth is composed of several layers: a cold, brittle lithosphere; a hot, convecting mantle; and a dense, metallic core.

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Video Time!

A song to help us remember the layers which make up the Earth.

Descriptions of the Different Layers...

The Inner Core is a very hot and solid material that changes with pressure. This center is hotter than the surface of the Sun and also spins in the same direction as the Earth, just a little faster!

The Outer Core is a liquid substance made mostly of Iron and Nickel. It is believed this layer is the reason for our Magnetic Field on Earth.

The Mantle is considered a balance between heat and pressure. The rock consisting of this layer is very fluid but also rigid at the same time. This layer helps the drive of plates on the upper layer.

The Lithosphere is a solid layer. This layer carries the Earth's continents and oceans.

The Crust is the thinnest layer and also the layer which contains all life. Some areas are very thick, and other areas are very dense.

Cool & Fun Facts!

  • The Outer Core & the Inner Core put together is the size of Mars!
  • Meteorites have bits of nickel and iron in them and scientists believe that they may be pieces from other planets which have exploded!
  • The mantle of the earth is solid rock, but amazingly it can be moldable, just like play dough. Don’t think that this is the type of stuff to play with as it’s so crazy hot!
  • (Credit to the website provided)