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Layouts in Context

Layouts in Context

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson you will learn to analyze layout examples applying knowledge of principles and elements of design.

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Source: Image of Centered Alignment, Public Domain http://learningabouttype.com/alignment.html Image of Chicago Tribune, Public Domain Image of Composition of Red, Yellow and Blue, Public Domain Image of Piet Zwart Business Card, Public Domain Image of Cover Design, Public Domain Image of Silhouette Poster, Public Domain

  • Typeface

    The complete name of a type family member, typically containing the name of the publisher, family, weight, posture and width.

  • Readability

    How easily words and blocks of words can be read.

  • Margins

    White space which frames the elements in a page layout.

  • Eye Flow

    The path of a viewer's eye.

  • Free Form

    Lines of type which do not appear to follow a strict justified or right, left or centered alignment.

  • Left Alignment

    Lines of type which are aligned to a left margin and ragged on the right.

  • Right Alignment

    Lines of type which align to right margin and are ragged on the left.

  • Centered Alignment

    Lines of type which are aligned along a central axis.

  • Justified Alignment

    Lines of type which are spaced to align along both a left and a right margin, creating a block.

  • Spread

    The term for two facing pages.

  • Column

    In a layout, a defined block of space that contains type or image. Columns are bordered by margins.

  • Hierarchy

    The organization of elements according to importance. In typography, hierarchy is achieved by placement, size, color or style.

  • Headline

    In a layout, a main heading above a block of text.

  • Sub-head

    In a page layout, a heading smaller and of lesser importance than a headline.

  • Caption

    In page layout, lines of descriptive text positioned under a graphic or photograph.