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LCHS 9th Grade Prefixes

LCHS 9th Grade Prefixes

Author: Amanda Jensen

Throughout the 9th grade year students receive a list of prefixes to learn. These prefixes are helpful in understanding vocabulary words that students learn in the next three years of high school. By the end of the year they will have learned approximately 115 prefixes. 

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Prefixes 1-115

Studying for 1-115

Prefixes #96-115

Use for studying


Prefixes 86-95 for your studying

Prefixes #75-85

Use this quizlet set to help you study.

Prefixes #1-75

Use these to study for prefixes #1-75

Prefixes #61-70

Use to study for prefixes on Friday - January 31

Prefixes #51-60

A quiz for these prefixes will be on Friday, January 17

Prefixes #1-50

There will be a test on these Dec. 20

Prefixes #26-35

There will be a quiz on these prefixes on Nov. 8