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Leadership 21century response

Leadership 21century response

Author: david utsey

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Ryann I am a Commercial production manager for a Roofing company, Just a little feedback for response,
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Prior to the role that I am currently in, I worked in Quality Assurance on a team of 3 individuals. One of these individuals was the QA Manager. The dysfunction of our team stemmed from the manager and to me, it radiated down to me and my teammate. Our manager was not only a micro-manager; she also seemed to not trust anyone when it was time to share tasks with persons on the team. Her lack of trust didn't just involve our team, it extended out and into teams we needed to collaborate with. Being micromanaged on tasks that my children could perform, along with not being provided with meaningful tasks, I was left feeling like I had no value in the team nor did I feel valued given my background. I was fully capable of the tasks at hand and so was my teammate.
One of the rules that could have been applied to resolve this issue is Rule 4; Establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit. I believe I could have applied this by taking initiative on small items to gain her trust which would offer up (in time) more tasks and her becoming more transparent. Once that’s established, I think it would definitely help with the transfer of knowledge between her and me, mainly from her. In time, since this would not be a quick process, we would be working more cohesively and I would know where I stood in the organization, and possibly getting some acknowledgment from the manager when tasks were completed.
From my Disc assessment, I fall under the S Style. It states within this style that I am a cooperative person who takes pride in doing my part to help the team. The assessment also states that I show steadiness and consistency and I want to be known as someone people can count on. This is how I would be able to gain the trust of the manager; being cooperative, taking pride in my work and being consistent. The manager seems to fall within the D Style, Dominance. While applying rule 4, I would need to be direct and speak up with my ideas to ensure that my voice is heard. I'll probably need to work on being more ascertive.

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