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Reply to the following thread in APA format with in text citations. 500-600 words total. Minimum of 2 sources. 
 Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, outside scholarly articles, etc.
The following suggestions will aid you in successfully composing substantive responses:
Compare/contrast the findings of others with your research.
Compare how the findings of others relate/add to the concepts learned in the required readings.
Share additional knowledge regarding the key topic that relates to the thread.
Key Concept Explanation Lean Six Sigma
Lean and six sigma were first developed as two separate business improvement methods used to achieve operational success.  “Lean is a process improvement method used to deliver services and products faster, better, and at a lower cost.  Six sigma is a data driven process improvement method used to achieve stable and predictable process results” (Laureani & Antony, 2012, p.111-112). When used together these two methods complement one another. Lean six sigma improves the production process by eliminating steps that do not add value, improves the quality of products and services, increases the speed of delivery, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces production costs.  “Management commitment, organizational culture, and linkage of lean six sigma to the business strategy is the key to successfully implementing this method” (Näslund, 201, p.98).
I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more bout lean six sigma and its effects on an organization.  In recent years, lean six sigma has become a widely used method that many successful organizations respect and utilize. Although I have never had the opportunity to use lean six sigma in business operations, I believe that eventually I will be faced with using and implementing this method.  I wanted to be able to fully understand the importance of lean six sigma and how it is properly implemented.  I believe that learning more about lean six sigma will prepare me for future occasions where I may be faced with working with this method to improve organizational business operations.
My research shows the lean and six sigma joined together in the late 1990’s to achieve operational success. According to the textbook using the principles of lean and the tools of six sigma together gives organizations the ability to be competitive by allowing them to eliminate processes that do not add value and improve the quality of products and services. Laureani & Antony (2012), define lean six sigma as “a business improvement method that aims to maximize shareholders value by improving quality, speed, customer satisfaction and costs: it achieves this by merging tools and principles from both” (p.110).  Knapp (2015), and Atmaca & Girenes (2013), are also in agreement with this information and provide similar definitions.

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